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NCC Social Responsibility:

  • “Corporate Social Responsibility" is one of the outstanding modern concepts in the world of business and industries. Companies and corporations of the private sector play a very core and essential role in the development process, a matter which is proved and confirmed by the great level of successes achieved by developed economies.
  • NCC bears and exercises its social responsibility by relying on and adhering to its management philosophy and values enshrined by the values and principles of Hayel Saeed Anam Group of Companies (HSA).
  • By fulfilling and shouldering its social responsibility, NCC does not intend to offer charity nor carry out any sort of promotional activities. But by doing so, it realizes that it is committed to respond to community and environmental concerns resulting from the nature of its operations and must remain as the leading and pioneering company in the field of cement production and marketing.
  • With a sense of being part of the community, the National Cement Company is fully aware of not only expanding its production activities but also to share and address the concerns of the community and the environment. It further realizes that it must take into account the three pillars of sustainable development defined by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development as ( economic growth, social progress and the protection of the environment).

Fundamentals: NCC social responsibility is realized in the Company's commitment to:

1. Fulfill its ongoing obligations; this is through doing its work by following moral values in accordance with the set local and international environmental standards and guidelines.
2. Contribute to the achievement of an overall socio-economic development as prescribed by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (i.e. economic growth, social progress and the protection of the environment).
3. Participate in the urban-based or constructional development taking place in Yemen at the level of giant infrastructure projects. These include ambitious housing projects such as the construction of residential cities or any other projects implemented by the state contracting firms like bridges, giant roads, and governmental owned buildings.
4. Help in reducing the rate of unemployment by creating direct and indirect job opportunities for Yemeni workforce; recruitment priorities would be given to the natives of the neighboring areas nearby the Company's site.
5. Improve the quality of NCC's staff living conditions and their families. The same holds true with regards to the local community of the neighboring areas nearby the Company's location. This is through supporting the activities of public and local private institutions geared for protecting the environment and promoting environmental awareness in the community.