Membership and Properties

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HSA Group History :

  • The group has companies in many different types of industries and services but the National Cement Company was its first venture into the cement production industry.
  • The HSA Group was first established in 1938 in Aden, on the south coast of Yemen, as a small retail store of food products. Since then it has evolved into a retailer, importer and distributor of all types of commodities. By the late 1960s it had started its first manufacturing company, which was a biscuit factory in the City of Taiz. From there the group branched out into vegetable oil, dairy products, lubricant oils, canned foods, corrugated boxes, flour milling and most recently, sugar milling and cement production. The group has duplicated many of these capabilities in other countries, such as Saudi Arabia Egypt, Malaysia, Indonesia and the UK .
  • Besides its manufacturing activities, the group is involved in trading, banking, shipping, insurance, household appliances, hotel services, healthcare and hospitals. It also represents multinational companies in the automotive industry such as Ford, Hyundai and Porsche; in health-care such as Johnson & Johnson; and in household appliances, such as JVC, Sharp and Gillette .
  • Today the group employs around 25,000 people worldwide and we are proud to say that the HayelSaeedAnam Group is one of the largest and most well-respected privately held groups of companies in the Middle East.

NCC Foundation:

The National Cement Company (NCC), founded within 2006-2008, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hayel Saeed Anam Group of Companies (HSA)—the most deeply rooted and pioneering economic, industrial and commercial group in the Republic of Yemen. As the first privately owned company operating in cement manufacturing and production in Yemen, NCC has always contributed and would continue to contribute effectively in affecting a sustainable development for our homeland.


The Company, located at Wadi Sa'em, Al Musaimeer District of Lahj Governorate, is 70 km away from Aden City sea port (i.e. North of Aden City). This strategic port looks over onto the Gulf of Aden which connects the Red Sea and the Arab Sea. More specifically, it is positioned 500 meters away from the International Highway linking Sana'a, Yemen's political capital with Aden, Yemen's economic capital and about 5 km away from Al Ana'ad Triangular intersection.

Legal Status:

NCC is the first privately-owned public joint stock company of HSA specialized in producing and marketing cement products in Yemen.

NCC Production Capacity:

Having a plant with a production capacity of (1,600, 000 tons / year), the Company started production on July 19, 2008 with the production of its first ordinary Portland cement bag (bearing National Cement as its trademark).


NCC uses the latest machinery, tools, and equipment in its production processes and technical operations and the most advanced German-based technology in cement manufacturing, power generation and control processes.

Raw Materials:

The company relies on limestone to manufacture and produce its cement products. Such raw materials are extracted from quarries located in NCC surroundings. Other additive materials ( such as clay, gypsum, iron and pozzolana ) are fetched from external sites at Lahj and Shabwah governorates.