Environmental Practices

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Exercising Corporate Social Responsibility towards the Environment:

  • When designing and then construction of its plant and production lines, the Company emphasized the notion of caring for a full protection of the environment as per the World Bank's specifications.
  • The Company invested a great deal of cash in constructing a standard and integrated filtering system for better filtration, dust retention and protection the air from emissions associated with the production operations of the plant in accordance with WB followed standards ( NCC as an eco-friendly company).
  • The Company coordinates with the relevant official agencies entrusted with protecting the environment. It morally complies with all the standards guidelines, and restrictions applied and set by these authorities and agencies for the sake of conserving and protecting the environment.
  • The Company commits itself to administratively operate in conformity with moral values stipulated by set local and international environmental standards when carrying out its production and technical activities inside or outside its site and location. This is by providing and applying pollution detectors, and using monitoring and diagnosing devices of all NCC operations that may bring about harmful impacts on the environment in general and to the locales surrounding the Company.
  • The Company allocated part of the total area of its site to be used and reserved as a locality with natural conditions for the breeding and existence of various types of wild animals, birds, land & aquatic reptiles. (It is worth noting that unlike other industrial and manufacturing companies, NCC was the first to take this unique and spectacular initiative).
  • The Company provides all sorts of support to public and local private institutions and agencies whose activities are directed and conducive for saving, protecting, and conserving the environment and promoting environmental and health awareness among community members and various segments.
  • Planting the areas surrounding the cement factory with various plants, grass, bushes, flowers, etc. is aimed to refresh and purify the air, provide oxygen and reduce the high temperature dominating NCC site.
  • Main and secondary roads and paths leading to the Company were asphalted.
    • Water is sprayed on unpaved dirt roads that connect some of NCC production sites together in order to prevent dusting from flying all over because of walking or driving cars on these roads. Water is also sprayed on the crushing and grounding operations and open production sites in order to prevent the emission of particulate components such as dust during cement production operations.
    • Waste produced from production, management and technical operations is handled and treated in accordance with approved local and international environmental standards and guidelines.
    • Lakes and waterfalls were created at the company's site in order to reduce the hot temperature of the site.