Economic Practices

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Exercising Corporate Social Responsibility for Achieving Economic Development: The NCC undertakes to actively participate in enhancing and augmenting the economic development through exerting concerted effort to:

  • Contribute effectively and efficiently in motivate building and construction activity in Yemen through providing the local markets with high quality cement products (ordinary cement products; salt-resistant cement products; and Pozzolana cement products) in the form of bagged and / or bulk cement. The products are made in accordance with the highest international quality specifications followed in the cement industry and the US and European specifications.
  • Make our cement products available in various cities and regions of Yemeni Governorates in very affordable prices by different market segments.
  • Urge and assist in stabilizing cement product prices in the local market.
  • Assist in making foreign currency available in the country through bettering the process of exporting NCC cement products and decreasing cement imports by prioritizing our sales targets for local domestic markets.
  • Create jobs opportunities for Yemeni labor force; since the date of its business commencement, the Company has provided more than 3000 direct and indirect jobs. It takes in consideration that recruitment priorities should be given to the natives of the neighboring and surrounding areas nearby the Company's site. More than 1,000 direct jobs are currently offered by NCC.
  • Establish and build service projects for the natives of the areas surrounding the Company site; these include schools, health and water projects.
  • Support governmental agencies' revenues in accordance with relevant applicable laws. This is by paying:
    • Income and sales taxes according to the laws governing taxation
    • Improvement fees for the districts of Lahj Governorate in which the National Cement Company's plant is located.
    • Improvement fees for the governorates in which our cement products are distributed and sold.
    • Fees for Youth and Sports Activity
    • Fees for Heritage and Culture Conservation Fund.
    • Fees for Training and Young Fund.