Customer Service

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Markets: The National Cement Company (NCC) operates in local and foreign markets.

  • Since the outset of its marketing operations in 2008, the National Cement Company has been doing a great deal of effective contribution to the constructional urban development taking place in Yemen at the level of giant infrastructure projects. These include ambitious housing projects such as the construction of residential cities or any other projects implemented by the state contracting firms like bridges, giant roads, and governmental owned buildings.
  • The company markets its products in local markets surrounding the NCC cement production plant. Most important markets are those located in the capitals and districts of Aden, Lahj, Taiz, Ibb, Dhamar, Al Baidha, Hodeida, and Sana'a and their suburbs. Not only that, the Company was able to deliver some portion of its products to far governorates such as Hadhramout, Sa'adah and Ma'erb. To outreach various targeted markets, cities, and regions, the Company banks on a chain of NCC accredited distributors positioned in various Yemeni cities and regions.
  • NCC products are transported from the cement plant to the sales sectors of cities and regions by using trailers and trucks belonging to NCC, clients or existing transport offices in the region or city.

Customer Service

NCC is committed to provide the best and high quality services to its clients, distributors ro end product users. This is through:

  • Meeting their needs and wants of cement products, a matter which demands NCC to constantly improve the properties and specifications of its cement products.
  • Implementing practical experiments on the application and use of its products by having its specialized engineers and professional pay field visits to work sites and places to verify and assure the quality of its products.
  • Organizing periodic visits for NCC leading officers and management to its clients in order to listen to their complaints and feedback and take the necessary action to solve them.
  • Having our competent staff communicate with our customers on daily basis; write down their orders; and / or keep them abreast of any changes or additions to any particular product and sales policy.
  • Holding periodic meetings for and with our agents and distributors and going over any matters or issues that , if tackled, would improve NCC management performance procedures to develop products and deliver quality services to the market.
  • Conducting periodic studies and surveys to assess client, agent and end-user satisfaction with the quality of NCC product varieties and its product sales and marketing policies ( i.e. pricing; promotional activities; distribution; financial and credit facilitation) along with their satisfaction with internal and external product management services.
  • Facilitating cash depositing processes needed by our agents, dealers and clients through our approval of a number of banks and exchange firms operating in the market sectors of various cities, areas, and governorates.