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The National Cement Company (NCC), founded within 2006-2008, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hayel Saeed Anam Group of Companies (HSA)—the most deeply rooted and pioneering economic, industrial and commercial group in the Republic of Yemen. As the first privately owned company operating in cement manufacturing and production in Yemen, NCC has always contributed and would continue to contribute effectively in affecting a sustainable development for our homeland.

NCC was awarded for the second time "2013 Investment Award"
NCC Production Capacity

Having a plant with a production capacity of (1,600, 000 tons / year), the Company started production on July 19, 2008 with the production of its first ordinary Portland cement bag (bearing National Cement as its trademark).

  • 2008 19th, July

    the Company started production

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  • 1,600,000tons/year

    Having a plant with a production capacity.

Our Vision

The National Cement Company aspires to be the leading firm in the field of cement manufacturing and marketing at level of the local market and the pioneering exporter of Yemen's National Cement products to foreign markets.

Our Mission

NCC is fully committed to effectively contribute to the promotion of Yemen's national development via the production and marketing of cement products in accordance with the highest international quality standards. Along with exerting every effort to meet the aspirations and wants of its local and foreign clients, NCC is accountable for following and maintaining occupational safety and protecting the environment.

Our Success Edge

  • To take part in meeting the local market needs of cement and allocating a certain proportion for exporting purposes.
  • To create new job opportunities geared for addressing unemployment in Yemen in general and in NCC surrounding areas in particular
  • To promote and drive forward domestic development throughout the Republic of Yemen
  • To enhance infrastructure investment in the governorates and areas surrounding the company.

Our Management Philosophy and Culture

Our corporate and management philosophy and culture germinates from our affiliation and commitment to a set of values and the culture established and adopted by HSA Group and its pioneering forerunners. To crystalize these values and principles in in our organizational relations, the outcomes of our business, our relations with our clients and labor force and the society we operate in, we adhere to the followings:

Organizational Climate

Organizational Climate: We work on providing an enabling and rewarding working environment geared for strengthening teamwork and instilling high work spirit on the part of our staff. This is via:

  • Adopting a management method that banks on open dialogue and communication geared for elevating the level of confidence and achieving greater levels of success and accomplishments.
  • Granting authorization to take action and encouraging decision-making at the lowest possible level of work in order to promote learning, creative and initiation.

Our clients

We regard our clients as the driving force and partners in achieving greater success; thus we are committed to and constantly seek to:

  • Produce high quality products that our clients' "money worth".
  • Urgently meet their needs and requirements and make their expectations come true whereby all staff are satisfied.

Our Staff

they are the NCC's most valuable and precious asset. Thus, we do our best to make NCC their best option through undertaking to:

  • Create a good working environment enabling our staff to obtain excellent work performance and contribute to the development and growth of the Company.
  • Provide them with the necessary training and opportunities to develop and improve their professional skills and maximize their opportunities for career development.
  • Valuing and appreciating each employee's work to make him/her feel proud of the achievements and progress s/he has made.

Our Society

At NCC, we commit ourselves to undertake to participate in the development of the Yemeni society in general and the local communities particularly situated in areas surrounding the Company. This is through:

  • Participating in creating a sustainable economic, social and human-based development and maintaining a clean and safe environment.
  • Adhering to following good dealings and relationships with individuals, organizations, institutions, and various segments of the society.

Legal Status

NCC is the first privately-owned public joint stock company of HSA specialized in producing and marketing cement products in Yemen.


NCC uses the latest machinery, tools, and equipment in its production processes and technical operations and the most advanced German-based technology in cement manufacturing, power generation and control processes.

Raw Materials

The company relies on limestone to manufacture and produce its cement products. Such raw materials are extracted from quarries located in NCC surroundings. Other additive materials ( such as clay, gypsum, iron and pozzolana ) are fetched from external sites at Lahj and Shabwah governorates.

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